Thanksgiving is here and I am reflective.
God has been good to me.
1. My family is amazing. I am fortunate to be a member of such a diverse group of talented and gifted people. Our culture is unique and everyone in my family is an artist. The older I get the more I realize how unique we are as a group. I use to feel self conscious about it. I believe most people think we are weird. I love the fact that people think we are weird. We all have special talents and are excited to share those gifts with the “normal” people! Ha-ha-haa!
2. My friends are beautiful spirits who have seen me in them as I see them in me. Friendship is essential to the soul. I am fortunate to have people in my life that love me unconditionally, encourage me to be myself, and remind me of who I am when I lose my way. The older I get the more I rely on my friends to continue to be extended members of my family. I am now better able to discern who my friends are. “Every smile ain’t your friend”, my grandmother use to say that often. I know what she means now. I can smile at all of you-friend or foe, and keep it moving.
3. My experiences have been blessings to me. The good things help me remember the goodness of God. The bad things remind me to rely solely on God.

I am happy this Thanksgiving. I hope you are too.

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