Getting it together

So, I’m editing and revising-revising and editing. The first eight chapters have been in existence for 7 years. These chapters have been sitting on ice for a very long time. I left them alone so that I could work on my degree. Could not finish that because I ran out of money and time. Hey, life throws you lemons. I am squeezing them to make some lemonade. I am marinating the meat in what is left of them. I also put the book on pause to finish dealing with a HELLISH divorce that lingered for three years!!! Thank God that is over; now, the book gets a chance to flourish. I’m happy about that.

The trouble with writing a novel is that you will never stop writing it as long as no one stops you. I keep going back and forth nibbling at it here and there like it is a piece of cheese. It is my cheese. My cheesy little novel that I love so dearly. My characters are fleshing out and maturing faster than my fingers can type. I guess I can not keep them under wraps forever.

I like writing about about people & events for work. I also enjoy my time with the characters from this book. Excerpt 2 will be up tomorrow…

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