“This is the gift that God, The Creator, has given me. I do what I do to please my Creator.”

Celli Arenas says, “writing, directing, producing, and engaging an audience is my passion and my purpose.”

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Arenas is a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Senior High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1997, from Florida A & M University, in English Languages and Literature. 

Immediately after graduating from Florida A& M University in 1997, she began her career as  a public school educator in the state of Florida where she is currently certified in Language Arts 6-12 and Educational Leadership (ALL LEVELS). 

Arenas earned her Master’s degree, in English Education, at Nova Southeastern University. Her first short story, “A Windy Day at the Bus Stop” won best fiction in 2001 in Nova Southeastern University Student Writer’s Competition and was published by the university’s press. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Educational/Organizational Leadership.  

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To her credit, Celli has been published in several magazines and newspapers, such as: The Miami Herald, The Miami Times, Legacy Magazine (and its subsidiaries), South Florida Times, and The Westside Gazzette. 

She is the host blogger at cellibration.com, and hosts MIA-Live.net for BlogTalk Radio. 

She has also published two books, “30 Days of Dynamic Pursuit” a self-help journal, and “Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me”, a coming of age novel.


Hosting “The Red Carpet” for 100 Black Men Of South Florida ‘s 17th Annual Scholarship Gala

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  1. Your blessed , knowing and having the courage to persue gods gift is commendable. Some are still searching.I’ll anticipate the fruit.

  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been focused on revisions for my novel, but I hope to get back to it soon. Your blog looks great, and I look forward to reading more. ~ Olivia

  3. Thank you! Your blog is very sleek and well put together.
    I enjoyed reading it. I look forward to reading your novels, as well. I’m new here, just learning the ropes! Glad to be amongst other writers in a community that encourages our art.

  4. As I was searching further for more information on the Christmas shopping spree I found you here,youtube & twitter,but nothing on the shopping spree.lol I will have to keep watch on FB because I suppose that’s where you will post 1st.. Also I signed up for your site & it said I had to be approved? Hope It was ok for me to do so? Thanks again for sharing all the wonderful things you have & I look forward to so much more.<3

  5. So proud of you Celli!

    You are living proof that what seems to be life’s setbacks prove to be God’s setups for success for those that Love the Lord!

    Keep on doing your thing!

    God bless,

  6. Celli, I am an educator too. Could you lead me to the honest trainers out there that will teach you to blog without spending a fortune?? Thks in advance…Love your blog!!!

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