The AFRIKIN Experience

By, Ascellia Arenas


  Saturday night I attended the inaugural event for AFRIKIN, a cultural festival held in Little Haiti, Miami to embrace the artistic, economic, political progression,  and communities from across the diaspora. I was expecting dashikis, incense, oils, cultural food, and the like. To my pleasant surprise I was right! I encountered that plus so much more. The Rockers Movement described AFRIKIN as follows: “Afrikin Fest is an African inspired food and music festival aimed to attract the best chefs, rum connoisseurs, musical and fine artists from around the world to the infamous cultural hub of Miami, Florida. Miami will be completely transformed through fascinating sights, smells, and sounds during this weekend celebration. – See more at: Rockers Movement 
 This first installment was co-hosted by author and activist, Julie Mansfield, a sexual abuse survivor, who champions women’s rights and cultural education surrounding the impact that molestation, rape, and abuse has on women and their families, worldwide. The #charity benefitting from the event is the #nonprofit organization, “Give Me Dignity,” to raise awareness and prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). Mansfield encouraged the crowd to raise additional funds to end sexual abuse and child molestation.

Dr. Lanalee Sam, Director of Obstetrics and “Docstar”

#Presentations were given by: Dr. Carole Boyce-Davies (Education), Dr. Lanalee Sam (Health), Artiste Philippe Dodard (Art), and Umi Selah (Activism). The cultural #PERFORMANCES by artists such as: Vaughn “Akae Beka” Benjamin,  Tambor feat. DJ Stan Zeff, Kevens (unplugged), Moonchild, Equalizer Sound Selector Iscious, P.E.A.C.E and Anita Will, made the crowd feel the mystic vibration of Mother Africa, speaking a language we all understand, which is #love.
Visual #ART by, Philippe Dodard, The Ebohon Collection Benin City, Nigeria, Turgo Bastien, Gregory Vorbe, flashed on the walls as digital projections. Performances in #DANCE by #SASA African Dance Theater

#SPOKENWORD #poetry by, Aja Monet, and Give Me Dignity and #POETRY by, Mecca Grimo, and Bongo Bluez.

Community economic empowerment #AWARD was presented to Chef Creole #owner, Wilkinson Ken Sejour.
Economic empowerment was embraced through vendors of #AFRICANEATS by, Native African Cuisine and Lovely Roots Gourmet. I was pleased to meet and have a wonderful conversation with Mohammad Sene who performed #AFRICANDRUMS all evening. Sene is from Senegal and teaches African Drums, here in Miami.

My favorite perfomance of the night had to be the soothing melodies emanating from Rastafarian legend, Vaughn “Akae Beka” Benjamin. His enchanting tone made the crowd sway to and fro as only Benjamin can do. With over 50 recorded albums to his credit, Benjamin did not disappoint.

The evening was filled with positive energy, beautiful people, and good vibrations. The next installment of AFRIKIN will be November 18-20, 2016. Follow Afrikin Fest on Facebook and Instagram.

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Economic empowerment
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David Bowie’s Triumphant Exit: Music Legend Loses Battle With Cancer at Age 69

By, Ascellia M. Arenas


Super model and beauty industry mogul Iman and music legend David Bowie are pictured here at the height of their wedded bliss in 1992. 

Bowie was said to have fallen in love with Iman at first sight. Iman and David’s daughter, born in 2000, is named Alexandria Zahra Jones, paying homage to Iman’s original name, Zahra which means , desert flower. 

Always stylish and on the cutting edge of the art world, Iman and David Bowie made an indelible mark with their vision, editorial prowess, and outspokenness about social issues and societal ills such as racism. 

   Bowie is credited with giving new artists an opportunity to record professionally and tour before the world’s stage. 

 Artists like Luther Vandross and Nile Rodgers were integral members of Bowie’s team of traveling artisans who helped him make musical history.   
Iman took to social media last week to participate in some early promotion for Bowie’s final studio album (28th), “Blackstar”, and to pay homage to her late husband. 


David Bowie fought an 18 month long secret battle with cancer until his demise on 1/10/16. He was 69 years old. 

 Bowie left a haunting yet poignant music video, Lazarus, as a parting gift for his adoring fans world wide. According to Telegraph magazine, “The producer of Blackstar confirms David Bowie had planned his poignant final message, and videos and lyrics show how he approached his death. David Bowie’s final record was a carefully-orchestrated farewell to his fans, his producer has confirmed,” says Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent. 

The video, Lazarus, was released on Bowie’s 69th birthday just two days before his death, opens with the lyrics: “Look up here, I’m in Heaven!” How befitting the artist, to make an elaborate production of his final act here on earth.

Bowie will surely be missed. Farewell Ziggy Stardust. 


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J. Cole is The Man

Photo Credit:  Google Images

Today is rapper J. Cole’s birthday. The 30 year old is celebrating top record sales with his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album, and he is also giving back in a major way: Photo Credit:  Google Images

“One of the most endearing aspects of J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive release was the rapper’s willingness to both literally and figuratively invite fans into his childhood home. Now, Cole is apparently taking it a step further and recently announced plans to use the house as a rent-free haven for single mothers with multiple children.

Speaking with the Combat Jack show for a lengthy breakdown of his new music, childhood, and rise to success, Cole explained his experience moving from military housing to a trailer park to the single family home that graces his latest album cover. Explaining his excitement as a kid to move into the now-iconic address, Cole said he wants to give other kids that same opportunity.”

Check out more on: Rickey Smiley Morning Show!

Photo Credit:  Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images
Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas

Celli Arenas, published author, has been featured in several magazines, such as: MIA Magazine, Success Magazine, Legacy Magazine. She is the host blogger at, and hosts for BlogTalk Radio. Her books, “30 Days of Dynamic Pursuit” a self-help journal, and “Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me”, a coming of age novel,  are both available at

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Holiday Love : It’s The Little Things

By Celli Arenas

It’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts. There is no greater present than your presence. Show your appreciation in the smallest gestures, they count! The effort that you show makes things between you two, even better. These little things make a huge difference, and a happy partner.


1. Aromas
Aromatics are a nice touch for those who love luscious scents. Florals, citrus, patchouli, eucalyptus, lavender, you name it. Warm the holiday by creating the mood with the scents of the season. I am a candle addict! Oooh, they smell so good!

Great Holiday Gift Idea

Blue-Sage Boutique has some incredible Eco-friendly clean burning soy wax candles that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. I love ALL of the scents. So hard to only choose one! Check their site here.


2. Tea for Two
“This ancient beverage is treasured by people around the world for its delicious flavor and vital health benefits.” Keep your honey happy and healthy. Morning, noon, or night Chai helps relax the muscles and mind. The spices tickle the tongue and warms the spirit. Learn more about the benefits of Chai here.


3. Beach Therapy
Living in South Florida has many lovely benefits. Beach weather is year round! Where else will you find 80 degree weather in the middle of December? Take your beauty to the beach for an evening stroll after a delicious beach side dinner. The salt water of the ocean emits great wafts oxygen; fresh air filling your lungs is so refreshing. Walking on the sand not only provides great exfoliation for your tootsies, it also feels amazing. You have thousands of nerve endings in your feet. Think of it as earth’s way of giving you and your baby some “sweet feet“. Nice.


4. Visual Aides
Full moon, glorious sunrise, fresh flowers in a beautiful vase, satin and lace lingerie…need I say more? What we see engages our mind. The mind is where love first occurs. A lovely sight to see. Give your partner a beautifully wrapped present.


5. Food, Glorious Food
The way to a man’s heart is through his belly. This is true for women too! Get in the kitchen and stir up some holiday treats. Savory dishes, sweet holiday chocolate and caramel concoctions will get you in the mood for love. Preheat your oven and make some memories this holiday season.


6. Let The Music Play
The sounds of Christmas bring memories of joy. You know that warmth you feel when you hear, “This Christmas”, or “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus“. Decorate your home and fill it with the sounds of music too. Trim the tree with your love and create new traditions. Shared experiences are a great way to bond. Make it fun and let your hearts be full.

7. The Kiss
Usher wrote a song about it, and so did Prince. Besos are an intimate gift that creates a warmth that is unmeasured. Wether it is under the mistletoe or between the sheets, spend a little time smooching with someone who tastes so sweet.


There you have it: 7 little tips to help you get lucky this holiday season. Here’s to you and your holiday love. 😉

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