The Great Orange Drop: NYE Miami Style

Mucho bottles were popped in the MIA last night as many celebrities decided to ring in the New Year, here!

Diddy hosted his annual NYE bash on Star Island and all of the hip elite were there: including Drake and French Montana.Diddy French Drake

Even Diddy’s beautiful Mother Janice Combs couldn’t resist the allure of the Miami nightlife!

Diddy and Mama Combs

Jay Z and Beyonce were also spotted taking pictures and enjoying the evening with friends.

bey and hov

Beyonce and her model co-stars stopped for photos too.  Flanked in beautiful gowns and stilettos these beauties showed great GLAM, MIA style.

Beyonce and Models

The Jay Z Magna Carter tour will be at the BB&T Center on January 2, 2014.  The Carters have been here all week. They have been spotted in Wynwood and all over South Beach.  They got around to their party destinations last night on motorcycle!  It sure looks like the Carters are enjoying MIA life, maybe we will see more of the dynamic duo very soon.

Jay and Bey on motorcycle


Photo Credits: Instagram

Hey….There’s MORE!!! CMB was at Club Cameo enjoying huge Cuban cigars and of course, champagne.

Photo Credits:  Miami News Times Blog:  World Red Eye






T.I. and Tiny were in town partying it up too!


Blue-eyed soul brother Robin Thicke performed at the Belvedere Party at the SLS Hotel.   But, it looks like Pharell and T.I. were doing the “Good Girl” hop on a different stage at Fontainebleau…hmmm…interesting.  Aren’t all of them featured on the 2013 Smash Hit???



Check Miami New Times blog for more details about MIA-NYE.

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Grown Woman: Beyoncé Changes The Game

Game Changer

Much conversation has been about the December 13 release of the Beyoncé album.  Her unannounced release of the album came as a holiday surprise. Everyone found out about it at the same time!  This well kept secret changed the notion that Friday the 13 is a “bad luck” day. Mrs. Beyoncé Carter experienced the best luck ever.  iTunes reports that King Bey broke the record for most sales in one day by eclipsing (nearly doubling) what Taylor Swift was able to achieve in a first week of sales, even with multi-layers of preamble promotion.  Beyonce sold over 800,0000 copies of the digital wonder in the first weekend of sales. According to  CBS, “Beyonce’s fifth album sold more than 617,000 units in its first three days in the U.S. and 828,773 worldwide – both iTunes records, iTunes says, adding that it leaped to No. 1 in 104 countries.”

She literally changed the game as far as marketing and promotion of newly released music is concerned.  She is HER brand, her fans don’t need time to plan for spending money with her-they don’t need advanced warning.  When her album hit the digital landscape, she created an “event” that people, worldwide, will remember, forever.

I gave the release of the #Beyoncé album some real thought and consideration. She really made her mark in history. Let me summarize with 3 reasons why I think Bey is deserving of kudos. 1. She saved money on one end of the marketing spectrum by not doing advance promotion to project and gather advanced sales. She just went for it and MADE SALES! She was smart to invest in creating a multi-media work of art that serves as both entertainment and a marketing tool. #smart

2. The songs “Drunk in Love” and “Blow” are currently the most popular songs on the album.  Beyoncé offers her artistic interpretations of how she and her husband #Jay-Z enjoy each other. It is lighthearted, flirty, reminiscent of Prince and The Revolution in the 80’s, and filled with metaphors that I’m sure only she and Jay truly understand. It is completely acceptable for her to express that type of attraction and emotion about her husband.There are women out here doing THE MOST (waaaaaaay above their pay grade) for men who wont even be a “boyfriend”! I can appreciate both of them and their healthy attitude toward their commitment to their marriage, family and business. They are getting it “IN”, and I ain’t mad at either one of them!

3. There are women (young and old) wearing less, doing worse, and hurting more people than Beyoncé ever could with this album/videos, but they aren’t making .00000001% in their bank accounts for it. I think this album was revolutionary in that she created a new lane in the game and pulled it off with incredible success. If that isn’t the definition of feminism, I don’t know what is.c5eaa695f6c8c731383d76b7cf193b08