Gun Violence In Miami Gardens Strikes Again

Gun Violence In Miami Gardens Strikes Again

By, A.Arenas  

The city of Miami Gardens is in the news again for yet another tragic gun violence incident. On June 4, 2016, at what promised to be a fun evening, Alexandra Dean, recent NSU graduate was fatally shot down in a drive by shooting at or around about 9pm in the evening. Ms. Dean was described as being a lovely young woman who worked very hard to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in the challenging program offered at Nova Southeastern University. Alexandra Dean was described as being a very good student who had just received her degree at the commencement ceremony in May. Ms. Dean had just spoken with her mother on Friday evening and was dutifully preparing to take her nursing boards examination. Her mother encouraged her to study hard and be well prepared for her test but she was sure she would pass with flying colors because nursing was Dean’s passion. When her mother, Pauline Dean, learned of the tragedy she immediately flew in from Jamaica. Since Saturday evening Dean’s friends and those who pass by the home where the tragedy took place leave teddy bears, cards, and light candles to pay respects to a light blown out too quickly. Raymond Dean, Alexandra’s father, says he hopes once the shooter has been found that they, ” lock him up for the rest of his life.”

Alexandra Dean, 23, was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, she volunteered her time and efforts to community service, she was very well-liked, and strikingly beautiful. Horrifically, Dean was shot in the head at a house party in the 40 block of Northeast 212th Terrace. She was taken to Aventura Hospital, where she died of her injuries, said police. Police are currently investigating this case and are looking for the person or people behind it.

The Miami Gardens Party was promoted on Instagram as being a “Project X” style party themed after the popular movie. Posts on social media attracted over 200 guests who were offered free food, free drinks, and entertainment. The yard was strewn with broken glass, paper cups, flyers for other parties and quite possibly the casings from the bullets that struck Dean down on Saturday night. Dean’s friends and family began posting to social media in search of anyone who has information about the persons who may have been involved with the shooting of Alexandra Dean. Each social media post was followed #RIPAlex, her story soon became a trending topic.
In response to the tragedy the “See Something, Say Something Rally,” was put together by the Miami Gardens Police Department and family members of people who were murdered and or were victims of gun violence. The “See Something, Say Something Rally,” will be held in Miami Gardens on Thursday at 18665 Northwest 37th Avenue. 
Enough is enough: it is time to bring an end to unnecessary gun violence.  
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David Bowie’s Triumphant Exit: Music Legend Loses Battle With Cancer at Age 69

By, Ascellia M. Arenas


Super model and beauty industry mogul Iman and music legend David Bowie are pictured here at the height of their wedded bliss in 1992. 

Bowie was said to have fallen in love with Iman at first sight. Iman and David’s daughter, born in 2000, is named Alexandria Zahra Jones, paying homage to Iman’s original name, Zahra which means , desert flower. 

Always stylish and on the cutting edge of the art world, Iman and David Bowie made an indelible mark with their vision, editorial prowess, and outspokenness about social issues and societal ills such as racism. 

   Bowie is credited with giving new artists an opportunity to record professionally and tour before the world’s stage. 

 Artists like Luther Vandross and Nile Rodgers were integral members of Bowie’s team of traveling artisans who helped him make musical history.   
Iman took to social media last week to participate in some early promotion for Bowie’s final studio album (28th), “Blackstar”, and to pay homage to her late husband. 


David Bowie fought an 18 month long secret battle with cancer until his demise on 1/10/16. He was 69 years old. 

 Bowie left a haunting yet poignant music video, Lazarus, as a parting gift for his adoring fans world wide. According to Telegraph magazine, “The producer of Blackstar confirms David Bowie had planned his poignant final message, and videos and lyrics show how he approached his death. David Bowie’s final record was a carefully-orchestrated farewell to his fans, his producer has confirmed,” says Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent. 

The video, Lazarus, was released on Bowie’s 69th birthday just two days before his death, opens with the lyrics: “Look up here, I’m in Heaven!” How befitting the artist, to make an elaborate production of his final act here on earth.

Bowie will surely be missed. Farewell Ziggy Stardust. 


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“Cookies For Everyone!” Taraji P. Henson Snags Golden Globe! 

“Cookies For Everyone!” Taraji P. Henson Snags Golden Globe! By Ascellia M. Arenas
Our favorite girlfriend next door wins the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Let’s keep it 100, everybody loves cookies and everybody loves down-to-earth mega actress Taraji P. Henson. The Howard University Alum stole our hearts in her early work in the film Baby Boy and then she won us over when we heard her vocal chops as she crooned “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”, which earned her an Oscar in 2006. We always see Taraji encourage her contemporaries, friends, and colleagues as they pick up shiny golden statues at other award shows: and, for that reason alone she is more than worthy for her win at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. 

In her own words, “I waited for this moment for 20 years!”

Congratulations girl, you earned it.
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Health: Can Yoga Change Your Life? 

Can Yoga Change Your Life?

By, Ascellia Arenas

  Can Yoga Change Your Life? 

By, Ascellia Arenas

It was January 1, 2005 and my sister took me to The Yoga Connection in Davie, Fl for a “hot yoga class”. She said she wanted to try a class she had been hearing about. She wanted me to go with her because I was gaining a lot of weight and I was stressed out of my mind. Being as I had taken dance for a number of years, I enjoyed movement and dance classes, I even coached award winning cheerleading teams, and I was naturally very flexible, she thought I’d be good at it. 
The class consists of 26 poses in a heated or humid room. When the instructor saw my bow pose ( Dhanurasana), she thought I had taken yoga for years. I was a mere novice. Needless to say, I physically enjoyed the challenge and my natural flexibility found acceptance in a new and honorable way. The benefits of that hot yoga class were amazing! It provided me with a potent detoxifying experience, full body strengthening and elongation, and an overwhelmingly intense feeling of relaxation. 

Now, some ten years later, I still practice yoga and I have even considered becoming a certified instructor. Maybe I will one day, I don’t feel any pressure to do so. Yoga teaches you to let go. If it is to be a part of my journey, then it will be. 

As for now, I enjoy practicing in my little sacred space built into my new bedroom. With no gym at my disposal, I put the weights down and lift my body weight instead. Yoga helps me to feel relaxed and focused on what really matters in life. The years following my first yoga experience were a challenge. For seven years, 2007-2014,  I was under such an intense amount of stress and anxiety :  it is amazing that I’m still here. Had I been more deliberate with practicing maybe the events of my life would have been different. I am more aware now, and practicing at least three days a week. 

 Consider yoga as a way to learn about yourself, to improve your mind/body connection, and to soften the way in which you interact with others and yourself.  

Some added benefits of practicing yoga are as follows: 

1. Improved focus

2. Decreased stress

3. Increased adaptation to change 

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I still dance, run, and watch what I eat. Waking up to do some sun salutations really helps me focus for the day ahead and gives me the energy I need to maintain a healthy balance, as well. 

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Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas, published author, has been featured in several magazines, such as: MIA Magazine, Success Magazine, Legacy Magazine. She is the host blogger at, and hosts for BlogTalk Radio. Her books, “30 Days of Dynamic Pursuit” a self-help journal, and “Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me”, a coming of age novel,  are both available at Amazon.

Wealth: How Much Money Did You Make This Week? 

How Much Money Did You Make This Week? 

By, Ascellia Arenas

How much money did you make this week? Oh, my apologies, I didn’t mean to get in your business…However, how well are you doing in “business” this year? Well, now that I got your attention; hopefully I can get you out of your feelings and in to the stock market. This week (10/20/15) our pal, Oprah Winfrey, made 70 million dollars in ONE DAY. 

According to USA TODAY, “Just the word that Winfrey took a 10% stake in the company — buying 6.4 million shares and being awarded options to buy 3.5 million more — caused the stock to more than double to $13.92 a share.”

She is definitely doing something right. While Artal Investment Group was the bigger winner at 29.4 shares, Winfrey came in as a 6.4 million share holder making her the only African American woman, or woman of any race, to claim this honor. Weight Watchers (WTE) coupled with Winfrey’s value magic are a winning combination. 

Ask about stock trading with your financial advisor, make good choices when supporting businesses locally, understand the market and teach your children the value of entrepreneurship early. 

Congratulations Ms. Winfrey, we are impressed! 

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Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas, published author, has been featured in several magazines, such as: MIA Magazine, Success Magazine, Legacy Magazine. She is the host blogger at, and hosts for BlogTalk Radio. Her books, “30 Days of Dynamic Pursuit” a self-help journal, and “Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me”, a coming of age novel,  are both available at Amazon.

Did You Know? 

 “The Perfect Guy, Ain’t So Perfect: Carter is A Nutjob”

By, Ascellia Arenas 

We have seen this all before. Successful, educated, beautiful woman with a great career and handsome boyfriend who just isn’t quite ready to settle down. Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) seems to have it all, except for what she truly wants-a husband and family.  Leah does what any self-respecting empowered woman in her thirties, with a ticking time bomb going off in her head,  would do. She dumps her man to find someone better, who wants what she wants. Heartbroken yet determined to meet her goals of marriage and baby, before it is “too late”, she meets the charming and handsome Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy).  Carter seems to be the perfect package: education, charm, finesse, smoldering good looks, and he wants exactly what she wants, too. Little did Leah know that Carter is certifiably crazy as hell. Soon, their perfect romance turns into a perfect storm of chaos and danger. Leah learns that actions speak louder than words; and, she needs to stop talking and take action. 

Cute date flick, I’d give it a solid grade of “C”. 
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Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas, published author, has been featured in several magazines, such as: MIA Magazine, Success Magazine, Legacy Magazine. She is the host blogger at, and hosts for BlogTalk Radio. Her books, “30 Days of Dynamic Pursuit” a self-help journal, and “Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me”, a coming of age novel,  are both available at Amazon.

Holiday Love : Problems & Solutions

Celli Arenas

Holidays = Relationship Stress. If things are going well, your partner is probably right there with you and you have found the solution. Everybody is HAPPY! If things are not going well, you are probably spending the holidays alone. Nobody wants that! Here’s a quick guide to help you recognize the problems and find some solutions.

1. The problem: Your partner never feels appreciated.
The solution: Go out of your way to say thank you.

Some of us aren’t great at accepting love gracefully. In other words, your partner may not understand your love language. “Many people have a hard time accepting gifts, compliments, even love. If you (your partner) have negative reactions to receiving, allowing yourself to accept the things from loved ones can be a difficult task,” says Barton Goldsmith, PhD, the author of Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship.

Find a way to say “thank you” every day. Truly let your partner know that you acknowledge their presence and contribution to your life and that you are thankful. Buy a nice gift, write a heartfelt note, be present during the holidays. Your presence is a gift.

5 Ways To Save Your Relationship From Holiday Stress

2. Problem: He doesn’t like the way he’s being treated.
Solution: Spend time, every day nurturing your relationship.

“Oftentimes, a man cheats because he doesn’t like the dynamic in his current relationship. If he feels like his partner nags him, belittles him, disrespects him, and/or treats him like a child, meeting someone new who treats him with respect, admiration, and desire will feel incredibly appealing.”
Don’t make it so easy for the clean-up woman to sweep your love away.

“So what does this have to do with the holidays? With the added stress of that long to-do list, some women may be unconsciously treating their men like they’re yet another thing they have to cross off their list, but they just don’t have time for.” Would you want to be 2nd, 3rd, or 4th on his list? Honestly, no one wants to be treated that way.

“To avoid driving your partner away, spend time every day nurturing your relationship. And not just during the holiday season. All year long, let your partner know how much you love and appreciate him. Ask for the same in return.” Mama taught you the golden rule; treat others how you want to be treated.

“By being treated the way you want to be treated and ultimately treating your partner with love and respect, you take an important step in affair-proofing your relationship.”

Make him think twice about losing you.

Why Men Cheat During The Holidays

3. Problem: He feels ignored.
Solution: It is important to maintain open lines of communication.

Men are like you, they crave attention too. “Like it or not, men are wired differently than women. It’s that whole Mars/Venus thing. So when a woman’s attention is diverted by holiday shopping, decorating the home, and/or dealing with party planning and family visits, a man can feel completely ignored and unappreciated.” They won’t readily admit it ; but, they need to feel wanted and appreciated too.

“Asking to have his needs met can make a man feel weak. Instead of summoning his inner strength and asking for love, attention, and/or validation from his partner, a man is much more comfortable seeking these things from another woman.” Pay attention to his signs. If he is dropping hints, catch them!

The side-piece can easily slide into position, “At first, this new woman may only be an emotional confidante. However, over time, this female friend may stir up other needs. That’s when a man is likely to initiate physical intimacy.” She gives him what you don’t or maybe even won’t.

“To avoid this danger zone, it’s important to maintain open lines of communication between you and your partner. If and when these feelings of dissatisfaction or hurt surface (during the holidays or any time of year), your man should feel free to discuss them with you, thus eliminating his need for outside emotional companionship.”
Be there and be willing to listen. None of us are perfect. If he cares enough to communicate you should provide a listening ear. Better yours than hers!

Why Men Cheat During The Holidays

Don’t wait until you have to spend the holidays all alone. Take time to recognize how you play a role in how you are treated. Be proactive and have a happy holiday season.


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Holiday Tips to Make The Season Bright

By, Celli Arenas

The holiday season is upon us. Holidays are the time of year that many people dread. Overspending, overeating, and relationship stress can put damper on your holidays. Here are 5 tips to make your holiday season full of cheer!


1. Make holiday gatherings a shared responsibility. Bring a covered dish, or bottle of spirits/wine to the occasion. Spearhead the conversation; discuss who will bring what. Create an email list or group text to send out as a reminder 48 hours before the event. This way, everyone saves and everyone enjoys the holiday fun together.


2. Take pause-think for 24 hours before you buy something pricey. It isn’t the cost, it’s the thought that matters.


3. Focus on meaning and quality before quantity. Have conversations in advance about what your loved ones like and want.


4. Curb impulse spending. Buy one really great gift instead of several so-so gifts.


5. Take the pressure off of defining your relationship status. Invite your friend to participate, relax and enjoy your company. Don’t destroy a friendship because you expect a gift and a declaration of your relationship status to please your friends and family. If you were friends on October 25th you should still be friends on November 27th, December 25th, and hopefully December 31st, too!


The holiday season should be enjoyable! Celebrate with the people you enjoy spending time with.

Happy Holidays ☺️
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Buzz, I’ve been a busy bee!


It has been a long time, friends. I know; but, I have been so busy doing really important stuff.

Here are a few updates:

No more Blogtalk Radio Show, I don’t have enough time in the day! All the gurus say, “FOCUS”. So, focus I must.

Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me is currently available at and Barnes & I have given away over 200 copies, so far, which has been GREAT promotion. After all, I want people to read the book. I’m so excited to share the story. Plus, I’ve gotten some incredible feedback. Several readers said they could not put the book down. They read it cover to cover. I love that!


Here’s a quick summary…


I have been making some appearances. I had an amazing book launch, I’ve been doing some radio interviews and working social media to promote the book. It has been so much fun! I’m looking forward to doing more promotion very soon.


Thanks for supporting Cellibration Publishing. There is so much more to come!

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Who Will Answer His Cries?

Who Will Answer His Cries?
By, Celli Arenas


At the beginning of this national tragedy, on February 26th, we were reminded of young Emmett Till; who was dragged through a Mississippi town for whistling at a white girl while at a service station, drinking a soda, and hanging out in a place that was vastly different from his Chicago home. Trayvon Martin stopped by a convenience store to get a snack of Skittles and Arizona ice tea; this would be his last snack. What happened in Sanford, Florida is just as appalling and unjust. Trayvon Martin, a Miami native, visited his father in Sanford Florida, and never returned home. His cries for help are still unanswered. His murderer, George Zimmerman, has yet to be brought to justice.

Zimmerman claims self-defense under the “Stand Your Ground Law”. Which court of his peers decided that this was indeed the case? As of April 9, 2012, there will be no Grand Jury to determine the fate of this case, thanks to State Attorney Angela Corey . There is enough evidence and reasonable suspicion that would require any court of law to, at very least, convict George Zimmerman of manslaughter. According to Corey, 57-year-old State Prosecutor and graduate of University of Florida Law says, “I just want to be fair.” Trayvon’s cries were unanswered by the Sanford Police Department. Zimmerman is still able to walk free, and even develop a web site to solicit money from citizens in an effort to fund his defense.

On March 22 and 24, the 100 Black Men of South Florida answered the cries of young Trayvon Martin, as they do for the several hundred, young African-American and other minority boys living in South Florida. The 100 Black Men of South Florida chartered a bus for anyone interested, to travel to Sanford, Florida for the first of many protests to bring justice to this unanswered tragedy. Several of South Florida’s political and religious leaders were aboard, reflecting on civil rights marches of the 60’s and wondering how something so heinous could be ignored. Reverend Walter Richardson, and State Representative Daphne Campbell, along with several others, availed themselves to take the ride to Sanford, with their male children in tow. “I was there for the march on Washington. I saw the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver the now famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. It is our duty to get involved,” says Richardson.


“Anything I can do to help and represent for us, here in South Florida, I am there. I would not miss this event,” says Campbell. The ride for justice sparked a fire in the hearts and souls of the 100 Black Men. “I have a son Trayvon’s age. As our President said, he could have very well been my son,” says Director of Programs of the 100 Black Men of South Florida, Cliff Thomas.


Saturday morning, March 24, 2012, there was a prayer breakfast at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Miami Gardens Florida, led by Pastor Arthur Jackson III and the 100 Black Men of South Florida. The event was hosted by past Senator Kendrick Meek and was attended by several members of political office such as: Senator Oscar Braynon II, Vice Mayor of Miami Gardens Oliver Gilbert, and candidate for State Congress Dr. Rudy Moise. They gathered in the Youth Hall of Antioch to have a candid conversation with the young men about strategy and prevention. “Part of what our youth needs to know is how to diffuse situations as best they can.” says Meek. “As a former law enforcement officer, when I get pulled over, I turn on my dome lights, so that I am visible to everyone as the car is approached.” He adds, “Conducting yourself in a way that could possibly save your life may not prevent danger, but at least it can help bring clarity to a dangerous situation.” National President of the 100 Black Men of America, Al Dotson says, “this was a great opportunity for the boys to be up close and personal with elected officials and community leaders. The adult men met the boys at their level and had an honest discussion with them about the Trayvon Martin case, living in America as a black man, and other concerns.” The 100 Black Men of Greater Ft. Lauderdale were also in attendance. While the murder of Trayvon Martin is not yet resolved, at least we know that the 100 Black Men of America hears his cries for justice and peace.




Breaking News 4/11/12 @ 4:57 pm: George Zimmerman will be charged with second degree murder and is in custody!