Drake Makes A Million Matter in Miami: “God’s Plan”

By, Ascellia M. Arenas

I’ve been a Drake fan since Jimmy was in the wheelchair (Degrassi reference).

via  Google Images
Drake as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi:The Next Generation
Recently Drake took a trip to Miami and used his video budget however he wanted for his latest single, “God’s Plan”.

Drake buzzed around Miami, like Peter Pan, giving away a million dollars to locals: 50k at a grocery store, buying toys for children, donating a van and cash to Alonzo Mourning’s foundation/school, giving a UM student, Destiny James, a 50k scholarship, donating cash to schools in Miami Dade County Public Schools, donating money to the Lotus House (a shelter for homeless women), purchased cars and gave them away, handed cash money to families, shut down a department store and took battered women on a shopping spree…has this man earned his wings in heaven? YES!!!

Did Drake just position himself as the most desired eligible bachelor in the process? Yes, here’s why…

Drake is the master charmer…what’s not to love?
1. He is single and unattached-no baby mama drama, no woman/women who actively behave like his significant other (although he often projects interest in women-no relationship actually sticks AND we see him get curved by the best of them-which makes him relatable).

2. He gave away one million dollars! He has plenty more where that came from but people like the idea that he actually documented it. Some might think he shouldn’t brag about charity and if he’s giving it away he should do so privately. WHY??? So often we see celebrities spending frivolously on themselves and their families. They show off their homes, cars, jewels, vacations, exotic fetishes, and we eat that up! With this gesture of kindness and selflessness, he made people feel like he wasn’t just out to “get their money”- that’s where most people mess up. No, we don’t need to see all the receipts of good deeds from celebrities. It’s just good to know that some want to show us that they can and do nice things for those who often are underserved and overlooked.
3. He is not out here fronting. He’s just a Black Jewish man who grew up in Canada and figured out how to get this shmoney without hurting people and/or being a jerk.

The reality of Drake might be different:  but for now, we just love the “idea” of Drake.

Thanks for reminding us that good men still exist, and we don’t have to settle.

You win, Drizzy!

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