Why do I blog? 

By, Ascellia M. Arenas
I have been blogging since 2010. I have been a writer all of my life. I wrote my first self-published piece (illustrated book) when I was about 7 years old. I’ve always been very active and interested in social media and its potential since its inception. 

Social Media Blogging 

I was first on Black Planet, late 90’s early 2000’s. I taught myself HTML (hyper text markup language) by trying to keep up with other members. I had fancy backgrounds and jazzy fonts, cute pictures and gifs that sparkled, and of course MUSIC! Then, I joined Facebook in 2003 while it was a mere college project by some ambitious college coeds at Harvard University, that connected other college students around the US together, categorized by school. There are many conflicting arguments about Facebook. I was in the doctoral program at Nova and we heard about what the kids at Harvard were working on, so I joined Facebook out of curiosity. The early days of Facebook were amazing, I learned so much! Backstory of Facebook

Back then MySpace was the #1 place to be online. Facebook took some ideas from it to create their own site, but they’ll probably deny it. I even thought I’d become a singer (yes I believed the idea that everyone had the opportunity to become whomever they wanted to through social media). Clearly, my recording career fell flat. It was fun but not really fulfilling my passions. 

Then my university became a part of a HBCU social sphere called Rattler Roundup it was related to the concept developed by Black Planet/Facebook/ MySpace. That was around 2007. It was great to reconnect with my college friends, it was genius and thriving until Facebook resurfaced and created a platform for all (not just college students). 
Facebook came back with new features and totally killed MySpace and all other “web ring” social media sites to the curb. It is the most widely used and trusted online social media communication portals on Earth. It all started with the concept of BLOGGING-communicating with others online, your ideas, hopes and dreams. 
There are many other social media sites out there; I secured my name on all of them: Twitter, Tumbler, Google Plus, Instagram, Snap Chat, you name it! None of those platforms allow me the freedom to produce content like my own personal blog. 
Having my own blog gives me a platform to produce content that is relevant to me. I have a voice that can not be extinguished. I can post whatever I want, whenever I want. Through blogging I get to create a space for myself that is unique and will allow me the space to express myself how I see fit. I won’t get blocked or deleted. My influence is my own to create and share. I can make it as elaborate or as simple as I want. Nobody can tell me what I can and can not post. I also realize what is within my right to share, legally. I developed a sense of maturity and responsibility through my blog. I do not want to get fired, arrested, or sued for what I post, so there’s that… See! There is freedom in blogging! 
There are other benefits to blogging, beyond having a personal rant space. Blogging can help you create multiple streams of income, can establish yourself as an expert/consultant, and can help you construct your passions in a way that is organized and coherent-thereby facilitating success. 
Here are some sites that can help you decide how and what you’d like to create with your own blog: 

Benefits of Blogging 

Why Should I Blog?
Why I Think You Should Blog

Starting A Personal Blog
Earning Income

Blogging can become overwhelming if you are not familiar with coding (even using simple templates require the ability to follow directions). Don’t let that deter you. Tinker around with it until you create your space the way you want it to be.  
Remember, the sky is the limit BUT the universe is not. Go for it, stumble, fall, make mistakes, dust off your keyboard and try again. You only fail when you stop trying. 

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