Big Tigger…C’mon Son


Radio & TV Personality Big Tigger Speaks About Pulliam Today
Radio & TV personality,Big Tigger, broke his silence today regarding America’s sweetheart, Keisha Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable of The Cosby Show) and her impending divorce with, ex-NFL football player, Ed Hartwell. The two dated for several years and we all wondered why. Not that there is anything wrong with Tigger or with Keisha. The wonder was, in my opinion, why date anyone for longer than 3 years if you don’t want to marry? If you do everything that married folks do, for longer than two years, why not reap the full benefit of marriage? 

Tigger, your statement was cute but…

I read the part where you said…”my father divorced three times and I only want to get married once to the woman I love [sic]” 

Let’s use our inferencing skills students. The IMPLIED meaning of his statement is, 

“Keisha, I LIKE you, I LIKE having sex with you, I LIKE being your “friend” but, I DON’T LOVE YOU. I WILL NOT HONOR WHAT I DO WITH YOU BY MARRYING YOU.” 


Ladies: stop melting over backhanded compliments that are really carefully worded insults.
Gents: If she’s good enough to waste 6 years of her life and fertility, she’s good enough to marry. 
Don’t these idiots know that STRESS can cause her to miscarry? This repetitive disrespect is unwarranted and cruel. This Maury Povich treatment, of maligning her dignity by questioning who fathered her baby is insulting, degrading, and disgusting. Pulliam has managed to stay out of the news for her entire life and demonstrated a lifestyle that young women can emulate because she IS a responsible and dignified young lady. 

I’m disappointed that some of our black men won’t protect and respect us the way we stand up for them. They parade young women out in the stage of life to get stoned with disrespect and utter foolishness. They are literally treating her like a woman of ill-repute who has multiple sex partners with whom she does not use protection. That is low. Men, you better face the fact that when you lay down with a woman, the results and consequences are literally LIFE ALTERING. You can become a father or you can spread disease. Stop laying down with women you don’t love and don’t want children with. It’s simple. 

Stop the BS…please. 

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