Did You Know? 

 “The Perfect Guy, Ain’t So Perfect: Carter is A Nutjob”

By, Ascellia Arenas 

We have seen this all before. Successful, educated, beautiful woman with a great career and handsome boyfriend who just isn’t quite ready to settle down. Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) seems to have it all, except for what she truly wants-a husband and family.  Leah does what any self-respecting empowered woman in her thirties, with a ticking time bomb going off in her head,  would do. She dumps her man to find someone better, who wants what she wants. Heartbroken yet determined to meet her goals of marriage and baby, before it is “too late”, she meets the charming and handsome Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy).  Carter seems to be the perfect package: education, charm, finesse, smoldering good looks, and he wants exactly what she wants, too. Little did Leah know that Carter is certifiably crazy as hell. Soon, their perfect romance turns into a perfect storm of chaos and danger. Leah learns that actions speak louder than words; and, she needs to stop talking and take action. 

Cute date flick, I’d give it a solid grade of “C”. 
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Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas
Celli Arenas, published author, has been featured in several magazines, such as: MIA Magazine, Success Magazine, Legacy Magazine. She is the host blogger at cellibration.com, and hosts MIA-Live.net for BlogTalk Radio. Her books, “30 Days of Dynamic Pursuit” a self-help journal, and “Sidetracked: He Used To Love Me”, a coming of age novel,  are both available at Amazon.

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