Where The Ca$h At?

I’ve been reading my Facebook friend, B-Side Diva, Ingrid Bazin’s, posts as she cheers sisters on in regard to becoming entrepreneurs. She is a successful event promoter in the “Magic City”, Miami, Florida. I have been to a B-Side event or two, and trust me, Ingrid is outspoken, demanding, and about the business of running her business. She isn’t intimidated by the male dominated field of event promotion, in fact, she has a strong following and plenty of men who are B-Side devotees. Not only do they respect her femininity : they respect her as a business woman.

All week, as I have finalized details, polished my business plan, researched the viability of my business, applied for loans and licenses, and got ready for the next phase; Ingrid has been unknowingly cheering me on. Her posts reminded me that beside (not behind) every strong man there is an even stronger woman; I am capable of doing even more than I can imagine; and, actions speak louder than words. I’ve always been self made, never had my bills paid, cars purchased, or stuff put in my name by any man. If anything I’ve played the fool by putting real estate in my name and taking on debt while being partnered with a man who did not have my best interests in mind. It was an expensive lesson. One I will never forget. Truth told, the only man who went out of his way to provide for me was my father; yes, before, during, and after marriage. Sad but true. Hey, my picker is broken; I’ve sent it out for repairs. I know my money getting girls out there are shaking their heads and patting their Louis Vuitton bags because they know where the cash at! Ladies, I commend you, if you can do it-more power to you. That’s one business I’ve never learned. I’ve never been the type of girl that allowed myself to be taken care of. I’ve always been able to do for self or rely on my family in a bind. Mind you, if a nice man would like to buy me a Range Rover, I will gladly accept. 🙂

There was one post that made me poke my chest out and beam with pride as I executed my many tasks of becoming an entrepreneur: she said, “SHOUTS OUT TO ALL MY SELF EMPLOYED DIVAS WHO NEVER LAID DOWN TO GET ON TOP”. Thanks to all of you ladies that are out there doing it for self! I’ll see y’all at the top, give me a minute…I’m coming!


Are you a loyal person? I bet you’d be quick to respond, “Yes! I’m down for my friends and family, no matter what”. Well, what if that “no matter” was the difference between your freedom, your comfort, your peace, your justice : you probably would back down to conserve for yourself. Is that wrong? I believe that loyalty toward others is subjective. There are some people we are just more willing to go out on a limb for. Some of us claim to be loyal but, when the opportunity presents itself, are we really? We offer the politically correct response when we know deep inside that we choose what serves us and our personal interests first.

No doubt, we may have strong feelings and emotions toward family and friends but the true test of our loyalty comes from being able to put the needs of others ahead of our own. Loyalty is demonstrated when you can serve someone else without fear of where and how your needs will be met; when you can say yes to helping another person-even when your resources are low; when you can stand beside someone when the world wants to throw rocks; when you can vouch for someone when everyone else wants to walk away. What is your true measure of loyalty?

It is very easy for people to exploit others; especially in times of uncertainty. It is more difficult to protect and be loyal to others. So, when asked, “are we loyal”; the answer is yes-we know how to be loyal. We are most loyal to ourselves. I have come to realize that loyalty is something most people can not demonstrate because self perseverance is a more powerful instinct. The ability to put others before yourself is transcendent; quite frankly, most folk ain’t really there yet. Loyalty isn’t impossible to achieve. It can happen when we subtract selfishness and add selflessness to our lives. That is when we can truly claim to be loyal.


So, I’ve been out of the loop for a while for a good reason. I’m starting a business, changing my body, changing my lifestyle, preparing for a new life! I know I say that a lot but it is always true. Reinvention is refreshing. Change is great! I am finished with two novels, shopping them and weighing my options. I’m saving my money so that I can incorporate and publish. I am living on a shoestring budget but I decided that I am ready to take a leap of faith and explore the gifts that I have been blessed with. So, entrepreneur I shall be. I expect difficulty but I’m willing to take the risk.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the beautifully sleepy desert paradise, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Fortunately, I was with a fine group of women who all have gifts beyond measure. We enjoyed the glorious sunshine, numerous shopping opportunities, laughter, bonding trough common experiences, and the freshest cuisine that I have tasted in a long time. We were there for four beautiful days in the sun and surf. I’m back home well rested and focused; feeling ready to take on new challenges. I’m definitely Cabo-licious!