Daddy’s Home

He is the anchor of the family. He is willing to be tackled by the children and will gladly wake up early to take the dog out while making enough coffee to last all day. He pays the bills, he wheels and deals, he fixes the leak in the back of the kitchen sink. Fathers are the unsung heroes of the family.

Mom gets big bouquets of flowers, sweet smelling perfume, gift cards, diamonds, and spa treatments for Mother’s Day. What does the man who provides the roof over our heads get on Father’s Day? A tie. Socks. A tool set. What a rip -off!

Fathers train the boys to become men. Fathers train the girls to become ladies. They do this by taking care of not only their own family; but, by also being a pillar in the community, offering leadership, guidance, and strength where needed. Fathers are real men. They are a powerful force that is needed to build our future generations.

Far too often we read about the instability of the home due to lack of male presence. Because, at some point we were being conditioned to believe that fathers are not necessary and women can do it all alone, many women and men chose to cut their losses and move on. Single parenting became the “fad”. We subscribed to the belief that one strong parent is enough. Nothing is further from the truth. Without strong male leadership in the home; children suffer. Women are strong, resilient, creative, and capable of raising children alone but having the father present and active in parenting is irreplaceable. If parents can’t get along, they must try to, so as not to suffer the children.

We thank you fathers for letting us invite you to our tea parties, for letting us bury you in the sand at the beach, for cleaning the pool, raking the leaves, scaring the boogie man away, and for just being you! Dad you deserve more than a new socket wrench this year, you deserve a round of applause!

Happy Father’s Day!

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