It’s Over…Again

Today was the last day of school. I had the talk with my kids about how great I felt they are, how much I believe in them, about how much they have learned and grown, and how I wished them all the best for next school year. I encouraged them to take their class folders home and to share their work with their parents. I packed up all my stuff, loaded it in to the car, and left the building! School’s out for summer!

This time I may be gone for good. Broward County Public Schools is embroiled in upheaval. People don’t know what is going to happen. I’ve been surplussed. Who knows where I will be next year? I’m confident though. This is a time for great change to occur in my life. I’m cool with it. I have become very good at dealing with change. I know I will land on my feet, I always do.

Today my “friend” was quite unfriendly. He basically confirmed what my intuition was saying for months. That’s fine too. I forgive. I forget. I press on. I also leave with parting words that will never be forgotten. I am sweet as they come, until I’m crossed or my intelligence, honor, loyalty, or virtue is questioned…compromised. All I have in this world is my word and my spirit and I won’t let anyone get away with disrespecting it or trying to break it (or me).

For the collective, I offer this:

Do More…

Do more than exist, live.
Do more than hear, listen.
Do more than agree, cooperate.
Do more than talk, communicate.
Do more than grow, bloom.
Do more than spend, invest.
Do more than think, create.
Do more than work, excel.
Do more than share, give.
Do more than decide, discern.
Do more than consider, commit.
Do more than forgive, forget.
Do more than help, serve.
Do more than coexist, reconcile.
Do more than sing, worship.
Do more than think, plan.
Do more than dream, do.
Do more than see, perceive.
Do more than read, apply.
Do more than receive, reciprocate.
Do more than choose, focus.
Do more than wish, believe.
Do more than advise, help.
Do more than speak, impart.
Do more than encourage, inspire.
Do more than add, multiply.
Do more than change, improve.
Do more than reach, stretch.
Do more than ponder, pray.
Do more than just live, live for Jesus.

– John Mason, from the book
An Enemy Called Average

Say your prayers, kids

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