“B-True Organics, A Family Affair”

“B-True Organics, A Family Affair”
By, Ascellia Arenas

Nestled in the trendy, newly renovated downtown shops of Hollywood, FL, is a family owned and operated natural beauty care supply store that has a lot of heart. B- True Organics Skin and Hair Care store owner, Carleen Primus, believes that good skin and hair care starts with what you put on the inside of your body. Carleen believes, “the source of all good things begins within ourselves.”

Carleen, proprietor and esthetician, is a proponent of maintaining good health, which will naturally bring about great skin, hair, and nails. Carleen says, “B-True Organics was developed to aid customers in finding healthy skin and hair care products that are vitally beneficial to the skin and hair.” Carleen, who was born and raised in the Virgin Islands, researches organic products that are formulated with naturally effective ingredients without harsh chemicals. As she lovingly provided her husband Ben with a facial demonstration during the interview, she explained that, “products that are PH balanced, sodium lauryl/laureth free, paraben free, and not tested on animals should be what you put on and in your body. All products that you use should promote wellness: internally and externally.”

Carleen does more than sell organic products to consumers; she uses them herself and promotes their use amongst her family and friends. Her husband, Ben Primus, boasts proudly of her skills. She explained to me how much his skin has improved since using the products on him while providing him with weekly facials. When asked if he felt funny receiving services he exclaimed, “No! I love it, she is excellent at what she does. I recommend that all men take care of themselves this way.” The family owned store also serves as an investment for her family’s future. She says, “the children are learning about running a business, and they are very much involved.”

Last, Carleen adds, “We believe in educating our consumers about these products to assist them with healthy choices when purchasing personal care products.” Overall health, eating clean food, drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of rest helps her consumers live up to the company motto, “B-true to your skin, B-true to your hair. B-True to yourself.

Carleen adds, “Our Company’s mission is to fulfill our customers needs by providing the very best in customer service, product information and high quality products.” Please visit the store, which is located at 2035 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020. Call to schedule skin care services, 954-925-2780, or visit them on the web at www. btrueorganics.com. Carleen and family say, “We want our customers to experience the best that nature has to offer.”

20110602-020851.jpg (photo is the property of B-True Organics)

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