The Art of Sexy: Polestars

The Art of Sexy: Polestars
By, Ascellia Arenas

After years of formal dance training Susana Morales began her teaching career, as a dance instructor, at the age of 15. The young entrepreneur opened her first dance studio in downtown Hollywood, The SLC Dance Factory, when she was only 21 years old. SLC was a small studio; however, through her drive and determination she was able to increase her clientele by offering fantastic service and instruction. As a young dancer, Susana knew what her calling was; she wanted to dance, dance, dance. This “Cubanita” impresario had the support of her family in her dancing endeavors. The Morales family permitted her to pursue dance under the watchful eyes of her chaperone. They allowed her to go on tour with local radio station, Power 96, as a dancer/choreographer. Susana got great exposure on the road touring with Power 96. During this tour, Susana was named “Susana La Cubana” by popular DJ Laz ( Lazaro Mendez). The tour enlightened her about the challenges of a being a traveling performer. She was not interested in “going down the wrong path.” Susana La Cubana wanted to make a name for herself in a positive way.
While watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, Susana saw another female entrepreneur introduce the concept of using a “stripper pole” to increase physical fitness in a fun and interesting way. She says, “When I saw her use the portable pole I fell in love. I called for the mail order pole, in pink, my favorite color!” She became very excited about the possibilities of using this tool to enhance her ability to develop fresh choreography. She taught herself how to incorporate the techniques she learned throughout her entire life as a dancer and created a program that not only is engaging and fun but physically demanding and technically driven. Susana says, “This is not your typical pole fitness class.” She incorporates Latin moves, electrifying tricks, mixed with popular music from South Florida in a way that teaches students to dance and flow. Susana says, “It is my goal as a teacher to give the student what [they] need.” Susana developed several routines that help all types of women from those wanting to be sexy and for those seeking serious training in dance technique. Susana offers, “I wanted to be able to provide another type of dance to the art form”. She does not want to diminish the sex appeal of the genre, she does want for patrons to realize that being a “polestar” does not happen in just one class.
As she emphasizes the technique of the dance; she begins training students in their bare feet. Over time students will evolve, with proper training into skilled performers capable of flowing through elegant transitions from the floor-work to the pole in platforms or stilettos. With instruction, a fledgling dancer can develop professional moves like locks, aerials, and the ultimate “trick”, the death drop! Susana is doing great things in her new state of-the art studio that rivals any night club or gym. The eco-friendly, 2,400 square foot studio features 11 mounted poles and foam mats. Visit Polestars for schedules, fees, and details!






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  1. Susana is not only a great artiste and teacher, but also a fine, decent human being. I have known her for many years and would speak well of her to anybody.

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