In regard to the Charlie Sheen rant before his dismissal, he considered himself to be, “winning”. Winning with major media buzz, “goddesses”, tiger blood running through his veins? Tragic.

Unfortunately, poor John Cryer, who I thoroughly enjoyed as “Duckie” in the film “Pretty in Pink”, no longer has a job as a result of Charlie’s win. Everybody has challenges, bad experiences, errors in judgement, but bringing someone else down with you is bad karma.

Celli says you’re winning when:
1. Your family is proud of what you are doing with your life. They tell everybody all of your business, because they have such good things to say.
2. You don’t have to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing. The worst lies you can tell are the ones you tell yourself.
3. The goodness that you give out is returned to you.

Winning is not about wealth, beauty, popularity, or fame. Winning is about creating opportunities for other people to win with you. Reciprocity. If you kill everything around you, who will be able to “cellibrate” with you, tiger? 😉

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