Struggle Breeds Authority

Someone once asked, what qualifies you to speak as an authority? Experience, my friend. I have experienced enough to be able to advise. Overcoming obstacles helps to develop the qualities we need to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. The hard times we experience are the tools that we have been given to help others fix what may be going wrong in their lives.

When people know that you have gone through something they are more apt to listen to you. Wisdom is something you can not buy, wisdom is earned.

In every problem that challenges you and forces you to grow, there is an opportunity to gain experience. You learn valuable information that may be applicable to someone else. You may be able to help meet someone else’s needs just by having gone through what you have been challenged with. Your experiences are valid. You have the authority to help steer someone in the right direction. This is your charge!

When people know you have, “been there”, they should respect it. Anything that brings a person closer to a power higher than their own is an asset to share, not a liability.

The loss of a job, a marriage, a loved one, one’s freedom, or peace of mind affords that person a chance to tap in to a strength that is greater than our minds and personal will can create. These experiences are tests of faith and opportunities to teach others about grace. Your experience is your testimony. There can be no testimony without a test. In order to demonstrate praise for the grace you have received, sometimes you have to go through a little something first. I’m cautious of people who have never fallen down before. How can they offer any real advice?

If you think you are too wise to fail, or you are too smart to make an error, if you think someone’s bad experience makes them weak instead of stronger and wiser…keep living! You will get your chance to be an authority too, just wait and see.

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