The month of January has been on fire. Busy ,busy, busy me: living life, putting out fires, managing the lives of me and my Gents, dealing with the stress of single motherhood, fretting over the health of my own mother, heart aches, heart breaks, and life in general. The latest and greatest addition to my life as a freelance mother and writer involves my oldest child and his class trip to DC…stay tuned.

One Reply to “I’M SO BUSY!”

  1. The Gent is going to DC. For a while I didn’t think he would be able to make the trip but he did get the chance. It was a blessing that he was added on in the final hour! I am nervous about him going away for DAYS without me. I am excited for him because I got to go to DC in 8th Grade and he reminded me of that. It is his turn now.

    Thank the Lord up above for looking out for me and my children. We are here doing this only by pure grace.
    You ask me how I do it?
    We really do this FOR REAL…now behave 😉

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