Haiti: 1 Year Later

Haiti is not yet healed. People are surviving on less than $1.00 per day; 4,700 escaped prisoners are free on the streets to rape kidnap, murder, and steal. Violent criminals viewed the earthquake as a blessing from God to be on the streets and once again wreak havoc; clearly, Haiti is out of control. The world promised to help, sent many donations of medicine food and clothing, only to be held back by governmental red tape and lack of political organization.
Gangsters take control in chaos. The politician and Gangster have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other to survive. The lack of political will to act on criminals- true hardcore criminals- is the difference between a healed Haiti and a Haiti that continues to die slow. Haiti is in a state of extreme devastation and chaotic despair. There is no glamorous way to say that Haiti needs our help. No amount of celebrity involvement can yield improvements. Popular justice is the order of the day; the UN can not control the street justice. Blood is trickling through the streets like open sewage. Only through our constant prayer and diligence will Haiti survive what has become “Hell on earth”.


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