Sisters Looking For Love Online

Success Magazine, September 2010

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“Sisters Looking for Love Online”

By, Ascellia M. Arenas

She is unmarried, she is African-American, and she does not want to be single anymore. Is her man online? The Online Schools study reports over 20 million people visit online dating websites at least once a month. Also, one and three women have sex on the first encounter with men they meet online. Unfortunately, men frequently lie most about their age, height, and income. Why then would any woman risk her heart with “taking a chance with love” online? Are these “sisters” getting down on the first date? Do the “brothers” know and seek that?

After discussing the topic with African-American men and women; it is clear that the majority of the single females have a high interest in online dating services. Angela states, “Yes, I would and do date courtesy of online avenues. I think dating online opens up possibilities to meet people outside of the traditional places.” Given that today’s successful African-American woman is most likely digitally literate, and spends a great deal of time working and networking online and offline: there is no doubt that she would participate in online dating. The 2006 Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project claims that nearly 7 million American adults have gone out with someone they met online.

Cynthia agrees that some single African-American women may feel hesitant about online dating, but are willing to give it a try. She states, “As an African-American woman, I don’t feel like there is a stigma attached to seeking relationships online. My hesitancy comes from wanting to protect my safety and my heart. Niky, who is a single mother of two children, states, “as the years ‘tick on by’, it becomes more of a considered option.” She understands the need to exercise caution.

The African-American male point of view is different about finding “love” online. They view it as a socially interactive way to meet people. William understands that his friends may purposely look online for women who may be interested in dating them. The use of social networking sites like eHarmony and requires a fee and they are willing to pay to play.

Tony offers, “Well, I think that [in] this computer age that we live in, it’s not a bad idea.” Scott sees the benefit in women participating in the selection of eligible bachelors available online. Scott adds, “I feel that dating has evolved just as everything has and will.” David, a single African-American male offers his opinion about single sisters looking for love online. He states, “with the advent of social networking, we are truly all connected in this matrix now, no one is safe!” Interestingly, the men who seek the women to casually connect are honestly seeking true companionship as well.

Many of the single African-American women who participated seemed to be optimistic about the opportunity to meet professional African-American men. Is it about a making love connection or a digital-booty call? How would you know it doesn’t work if you never try it? Wanna chat?

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